We are willing to bet that you think that we are just the average pizza place that does takeout and delivery. We are proud to say that you are wrong; we offer catering as well. You get our piping hot pizza, fresh salads, and heavenly pastas, along with drinks, garlic rolls and our tasty side dishes delivered right to your event.

Imagine having a menu you can enjoy at your graduation party (congratulations, and remember who kept you fed through finals!). We can serve up pizza for your friends and pasta and salad for mom, dad, and any other relatives that happen to stop by. No need to worry about cooking and preparing for your party, just call us at least 2 days before hand, order what you need, and we’ll show up at the agreed upon time with your catering order.

Maybe graduation happened a while ago, but you’re having a meeting at your new job, let us bring lunch to your gathering. Think great pizza, easy catering, and order one of our superb pasta dishes in large quantities or one of our salads for 20+ people. We are willing to come to your venue and bring everything to you so you don't have to do any work or preparation.

Family is around us all the time, and occasionally we reunite with our extended family as well. While we can’t keep Aunt Irene from pinching your cheeks and saying how big you have gotten (never mind that you have been over 6 feet tall since the 6th grade), but we can keep Aunt Irene from bringing her “famous” potato salad, just be sure to put on the invites that this is a catered affair and just to bring the most important part, themselves.

We are prepared for your catering occasions, just call us and we’ll be there.

Call Us Now to Place an Order - We Deliver - 305-666-5990